11 April 2018

Prelude to Coda

The watercolour was called Prelude, and depicted a clearly beautiful young girl, maybe nineteen, although only glimpsed in side view, playing her flute by a window... and yes, I got the double meaning as I viewed it alone one night in an American hotel room while preparing to sleep before meeting a publisher; and on that lonely night it made me feel rather sad... and now, many years and more than a million words later, here I am sleepless again in a hotel room and contemplating another random painting of a river running to the sea, as rivers do, and remembering my long-ago evening with the Prelude and wondering if I have now already embarked upon my coda... for such is the way that thoughts can go, late at night, in a hotel room. Goodnight weird, wild, wonderful, worrying, wasted world, goodnight.

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