27 February 2018

In Memory (An Edinburgh lad)

Labelled difficult by those who could not get you to do what they wanted you to do

or to say what they wanted you to say

Labelled left by those expressing views to the so-called right of yours

and labelled right by those with views to the so-called left

Put in a labelled box on the basis of one specific view

while taking views that were such a complex mix from all across the range

Called negative when you tried to introduce some sense of reality into some ambitious dream

Called unrealistic when your thoughts threatened to disrupt another’s comfortable scheme

Told you believed there is no god

when all you had said was that you did not believe there is a god

while confronted by those unable see the vast distinction

You have upset, and have been upset

You have been unfair, unpleasant, foolish, and… oh, foolish, and foolish some more too

but sometimes wise, give you your due

Sometimes kind, true

You confessed your sins, but not to any priest

I heard

You messed things up, then messed some more when trying not to mess again

I saw

You tried to love, but failed

Have been loved, perhaps, perhaps not, but lost

Lived, and for too long, you sometimes said

And now, it’s done, you’ve died, you're dead

Now, you are… well no, you are not even dead

Just nothing now

Nothing, nothing, nothing, but a memory in my head

And I strive to remember every detail of that sole and final thing you said

The words, the groan, the grimace, gasp and clasp

Your most important message was your last

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