28 January 2018

The geometry of normality

There can be so much to enjoy in the geometry of normality, so often overlooked. The colours and angles and shapes through the windows, the distant slice of blue sky, the actual structure of the windows and doors, the patched stonework; and the woman's bands of hair, laid there unthinkingly but seemingly so deliberately, and the light and shade on the floor. It is all an artwork, even if some would say it is just a boring coffee shop scene; and would perhaps head out to get the supposed 70 percent reduction advertised out there on things I am sure that I would not want, although I quite like the shape of the number standing out from the redness around it.


  1. Not to forget the beauty of nice a little soft Scottish rain ...

  2. I can see all the details you mention so well on a full screen. Love the wall.
    You have a good eye. It's a great photo!