27 January 2018

It's almost time

There is always the awareness of some forthcoming troublesome event rising up through the conscious immersion in the here and the now. Little bubbles of concern, emerging and mixing with whatever thoughts deserve more immediate attention. And when one cluster of such bubbles surfaces and bursts, as the event arrives, a new collection always rises from the deep dark silt in the recesses of a muddled and muddling mind.

The thought occurred to me in Dundee, where I was, for a while, not sufficiently enjoying the fact that one belch of bad bubbles had been despatched, as an event of concern came and went, without problems, last week. The welcome relief being clouded by another burst of bubbles of concern about the next little issue that may, or may not, need to be overcome. Oh well. Time for that soon enough, if and when, and all that... Meanwhile, soon time for a brief visit to the local pub. Nothing to worry about there, for a while, perhaps.


  1. This is the story of my life!
    Apart from the visit to the local pub, of course.:)
    Maybe I should try it, one day. Really like the photo on the previous post.
    Sitting in a comfortable armchair, with the paper and a beer, looks so relaxing.

  2. Well Claude, perhaps you and your metallic Good Friend need to wander into a local bar and try a half pint of fine Canadian craft beer while requesting the most comfortable seat available. You may find it habit-forming, in a good way (not to excess).