10 January 2018

Colours and shapes, outside and inside

Shown just because I like the look of them, and taken today while idly talking to myself about the relevance of doing some things just because I like doing them, rather than always having to find justification in some meaning or purpose. Unless... oh... have I just given this post some justification in meaning and purpose? Oh well. May try unjustified meaninglessness again tomorrow.


  1. That's uncanny: I had almost the same thoughts, these days. And only the other day I wrote someone who had been complaining that these day he would not get much done, that we do not have to permanently function, to be permanently efficient.
    Amongst all the fine beers and malts the Don and his donkey riding squire have been drinking on their quest there seem to have been a few wee drams of wisdom. And I allow myself to add: Obviously ... followed by colon and right parenthesis.

  2. Aye lad. Take time to pause and smell the malts and ales (to somewhat edit a common saying). Cheers (Raising my half-full tumbler).

  3. I have settled quite nicely into doing things that please me. That often includes pleasing others because that also pleases me.

    I am enjoying being a lady of leisure after so many years...