31 December 2017

One cheer for another year

Another calendar year, me still here, reason enough, as the poster suggests, to be "in good cheer"?

The elderly lady sitting in silence with her companion may not look very cheerful, but moments later her face lit up with a smile and her eyes sparkled as other companions arrived. I know for myself that I can sometimes be inwardly at my most content when outwardly I may appear miserable. And conversely, I can sometimes be outwardly smiling and laughing while inwardly thinking, "I need to get myself away from these people and out of here." Inward contentment would be nice, for next year.


  1. Interesting phenomenon that inwardly so and outwardly so and vice versa, eh?
    Inward contentment would be nice, indeed. It certainly would help to reach and keep the state of serene calmness and calm serenety.
    Guten Rutsch!

  2. Inward contentment would be more than welcome every year.
    I hope it finds us all.

  3. Happy New Year!

    Greetings from London.

  4. Bonne Année, Andrew!

    Blessings and Good Health for you and family.

  5. I imagined that woman remembering her Granddad shoeing horses in that building back when she was a little girl. We can't know what's going on in anyone else's mind.

    Happy New Year, Andrew.