24 December 2017

Oh Aileen! Oh Adrig and Edrig!

"My gosh!"
"Look at that thing!"
"There's a whole fleet of them!"
"It's rotating!"
"Not from this world..."


  1. I never believed, not even for one minute, that you invented them out of nothing. You spotted them. They trusted you. And they agreed to materialize more fully for you. Am I right?

  2. There is somewhat more truth in that than you will ever know. Merry Christmas and always believe in "Santa Claus".

  3. I was interested to see that someone new has reviewed Aileen the Alien on Amazon and said they couldn't get past the pornography they found 10% into the text. Ha ha. My daughter is now boasting to her friends that her dad is a porno writer. Honestly. Some people. Mind you, one of her friends did reach the essential for the plot section referred to and commented to me by text: "Bloody hell, 50 Shades of Big Andy." Maybe I see an opening to sell many more books... But then that would necessitate starting to make things up, and I wouldn't do that, would I?

  4. It is very gradual. We will die too soon.