15 December 2017

No way in

I need to get in. I was supposed to get in. I could not get in. There is, apparently, possibly, a clue to the solution to a mystery in there, perhaps. It looks the part, on a dark cold night near the winter solstice, for the location of mysterious things. I will assume a misunderstanding, and try again. And if I do get in, I hope I get out.


  1. More than once, my experience with a mysterious, beautiful place has been that, as soon as I discovered the key for it, I was kicked out.

  2. Ha ha! Well I have not even got in to get kicked out yet. That may happen on Monday. Apparently I was given the wrong gate key code and phone number (a double coincidence?), or remembered it wrong, or they are setting me a puzzle, or they just don't want to see me.