11 December 2017

Cold calling

Car clutch croaked, hence standing freezing in minus 10 degrees Celsius at a bus stop at 06.50, then bouncing in a bus for half an hour, then walking ten minutes, bouncing in another bus for fifteen minutes, cupping coffee to reheat bones, only to enter a room full of students, explain my plight, and hear them tell me that I shouldn't have bothered for they would not have minded at all if I had just cancelled the lecture on reduction-oxidation reactions and quantitative analysis. And I was so diligently trying not to disappoint them.


  1. Imagine going through all that only to be told that you weren't needed! And you an old man! Ha :)

  2. Perhaps I should start heeding hints Calum, for there are plenty, but instead I just listen with my conveniently deaf ears. There is a chap much older than me - aged 74 - who still lectures full-time, so I tell everyone that they may see me part-time for a long time yet, until they carry me out from a lecture in a box. I have been told that some students and colleagues might chip in to buy the box and nail me in (ready or not). Ha.