5 November 2017



  1. Lucky you. How easy could you have broken both arms. :)

    May the bone(s) grow soon together, properly.
    For this and for the 'rest': Fingers crossed, Andrew.

  2. What was lucky was that he did not also break a leg. The fool should have taken me on his crazy quest, for I would have looked after him, knowing a thing or two about crazy quests. Anyway, here I am all alone for a while with only Dulcinea for company. How will I manage?

  3. The brave donkey is saddled. I am on my way.
    I hope it's 'but' the left arm so that you can still hold the lance.
    Golf is a dangerous sport, which should be forbidden.

  4. Right arm. He was Questing (he calls it "work", but sounds like a funny business to me), but not golfing. He is an idiot. Thank goodness us two, and even the donkey, have more sense.

  5. In situations like this I wish he were a lefthander.
    I suppose he's completely helpless, and Lady Margaret is feeding him, spoon by spoon. Have an eye on him, Don QuiScottie. The good old donkey is a bit dawdly, these days.
    And what is our friend calling work, these days?

  6. Actually he is completely mobile and (apparently) Questing around as if nothing has happened. He says nothing much of his Quest to anybody, however - mysterious overdramatic mad old git that he is. I suspect he may be playing games, but he insists not. We shall see.