23 November 2017

Look both ways

It is not a new idea, but the young cosmologist put it nicely, saying, as I recorded: "Imagine if space-time was so contorted that it bent the entire universe and all of its light back on itself, so that looking forward way into the distance we might actually see the back of ourselves, or at least the back of our galaxy; and even, if I may be so crazy, if looking backwards in time, as we effectively do when looking deep into the universe, might eventually reveal what is coming towards us in time, if what will happen has actually happened..."

"Eh, I understood the first bit but you lost me with that very last bit," I said, sipping a glass of Punk IPA.

"I think I may have lost myself too," she said, sipping her white wine, "but it is fun to lose ourselves sometimes, is it not?"

I liked her, and lunch in a university restaurant was very fine, but I did leave wondering if, instead of being much more clever than me, she might actually be completely, utterly, incurably, stark-staring, cuckoo-calling mad; as I may be too, of course.


  1. Thank you for giving us comments back.
    Stark, staring mad sometimes strikes me as the only sane reaction to the world. Or at least to what we are making of it.

  2. Nothing new under the sun, then.
    Sometimes, not only young cosmologists, are so boring.
    Words, words, words. Ssooo important, mega interesting, tera intellectual. Bla bla bla.
    Although only words, too, I like Elephant Child's thought.
    Well, and your's.
    Mine? I should already be dead, which is the future of any .... ach: The peace of the night.

  3. Numbers and words. The numbers don't lie, the words might

    And of course we've already been dead, just heading home

    But for something that is (fairly) new under the sun, I offer you... Brewdog Punk IPA

    And a long dreamless night of peace, eventually

  4. I don't believe in death. Except for things. For Beings, I believe in different lives. Maybe many of them. One after another. And another. And another. And so on. And eternally on. I mean the Inner Life. The one that matters.

    Peace to you all.

  5. Is it fortunate or unfortunate that people who don't believe in death would never be able to realise if they are wrong? I don't suppose it matters much either way.