21 October 2017

Moving to The Hill

For a bit of a change, have moved golf membership from The Island to The Hill
Some small images, meantime, courtesy of their website:

These members down at the first tee on the opening day in June 1911 are long gone though


  1. And? Is/Was Cragie Hill worth leaving your island.

  2. Time will tell. Have only played it once since the decision. Very enjoyable but very different challenge and a lot more exertion involved - it will either improve my fitness or kill me... (not a bad way to go though, face down on a golf course amid a pleasant game...it happens).

  3. I remember a cartoon, showing joggers carrying a coffin: "It was his last wish to be carried along his favourite route."

  4. Love the manners and fashion of the 1910 days.

    Wishing you much enjoyment, good health and improved energy.

  5. ... and a mighty fine golf course it looks.