26 September 2017

Turbulent Tay Day

As the tide recedes after heavy rain the river flows fast over the causeway used by the tractor to haul the beer to my golf course when tides allow. This is a serious situation. Fortunately kegs have on occasion been rolled along the footbridge if necessary.


  1. Phew. And you? Did you manage to get on your course? And was there any beer left in the 19th hole?
    Hope situation has normalised.

  2. Ach yes Sean, I took the footbridge and the shelf of Caledonian Outpost was not yet bare.

  3. That looks precarious. I hope you're all right.

    Greetings from London.

  4. My only concern was for the beer supply. The high footbridge on the other side of the island kept me dry. Come the 1st of November, however, I am moving my subscription to a golf course on a hill, and high enough to keep me dry even amid the tsunami that may arrive one day when a predicted undersea landslip off Norway arrives, which happened before, thousands of years ago, apparently, according to the evidence of the flood that was left behind but I digress..., as I tend to, often.