10 September 2017


A new beer served up in a different brewery's glass, initially judged by me as "perfectly fine," then about halfway down as "actually pretty damn good," then by the end as, "an interesting rich happy medium between a porter and a light IPA," but by that time my mind had been seduced by the liquid's chemistry and was becoming pretentious. Not half as pretentious, however, as a label that spoke of such things as "toffee malt overtones with a chocolate finish and burnt barley aftertaste and... whatever, whatever, whatever." I will have remembered some of that marketing gush imperfectly - oh, and I forgot about the oak, for Daracha means "from the oak"; but in essence it is beer, quite good beer, and worth a try (if you like beer).


  1. Ah, Andrew the Taster.
    Daracha is even not yet mentioned on their website. What does a 330ml bottle cost in a pub?

  2. They have not updated the website properly since Iniss & Gunn took over and changed the range. It was a 500 ml bottle and it cost £4.50. Less in a store though.