12 August 2017

Setting sail until September


...and navigation permitting


CherryPie said...

Beautiful clouds to sail into :-)

Elephant's Child said...

I hope the seas are calm. Literally AND metaphorically (though a rough sea is a marvel to watch).

Sean Jeating said...

Metaphorically off to new shores? Bon voayage.

CalumCarr said...

How many pics of Oban do you have?

See soon.

Take care.

Andrew said...

Calum: Many, many more than have ever appeared here, and many more to come, probably. Oban and its surrounding shores and islands is probably my favourite place, followed by Perthshire, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Paris, South of France, Planet 774 and the third moon of Planet 41, obviously. Am currently travelling more on business though, so I may find more. You need to shift yourself and to travel more - I just know you do. Have you ever even made in to the first floor windows of Starbucks in Princes Street yet? I used to enjoy your photos and your Calumnity views.

Sean Jeating said...

By the way: Why does it take you taking sail such a long time? :)
The peace of the night.

Sean Jeating said...

Next try:
By the way: Why would setting sail take such a long time? :)
The peace of the night.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott QuiScottie Robertson Scott the Scot said...

Setting sail takes but a moment, Sean, but the voyage may be long. The sail got stuck actually, but unfurls by the morning. The cuckoo in the cuckaburra tree is singing Dulcinea to sleep as the wind whistles in the riggings. Onward (mysteriously).

Sean Jeating said...

Ha ha, Andrew, you knew I were nitpicking, eh? In German you would call me a 'Korinthenkacker'.
Thus, put on you 'Helmet of Perthino', and: Good Luck!

Sean Jeating said...

And here's the missing 'r'.

Claude said...

You lead such a mysterious, whatever life. So I'll just say: Row, row your boat, whenever, wherever....Bon Voyage et Bonne Chance!

CalumCarr said...

Hi Claude

It's so long since we have 'spoken'.

How are you?

I'm sorry I wasn't able to keep my music posts going.

Take care.


Claude said...

Hi Calum

Take care