13 July 2017

The Wash

It will all come out in the wash, they say
in the great, grand wash of Time
with the spin cycle of our good Earth each day
and the soak and the suck of the tide
And every disruptive distraction
will disperse to much less than it seems
as everything currently consuming us
dissolves like yesterday's dreams


Elephant's Child said...

A consoling thought (and I am not being sarcastic).

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

I find it consoling too, although I can see why some may find it utterly depressing. I find consolation in several major things that others find utterly depressing.

A Cuban In London said...

Very realistic. And no less beautiful for that. Thanks. :-)

Greetings from London.

Sean Jeating said...

Yes, the thoughts are consoling; even when being sarcastic: Liu Xiabao is free. For the first time. All he had to do, was dying.

susan said...

A simply wonderful poem, Andrew.

A friend once said, 'We'll barely leave a mark in the geologic record - other than a little plastic smear between strata'.

Andrew said...

Thanks Susan.

As for our smear - quite possibly a highly radioactive one too.

Claude said...

A very accurate description, beautifully expressed.

Do you think it's possible some of us might have moved somewhere else by then? It's a big universe. We might be dumb but we're also smart. And somehow we're discovering so much by hard work and pure luck. I'm convinced there is a way out. And we'll find it. We're migrants by nature. We traveled well on this planet. And we're good settlers. A few of us are destructive. But a few of us are also very stubborn and creative. We might lose Earth. But we are children of the Universe. Evolution hasn't said its last word yet. So I believe.

Andrew R. Scott said...

I suppose there are possibilities Claude, but it rather depends on whether the thousands of nuclear weapons get used, and I expect at least some of them will, but even then there will be survivors, and the catastrophe may even be the necessary spur that knocks some sense into them. Optimism has never been my strong point though, and I will surely be washed away soon, although maybe not before some of those nukes go pop judging by recent events. (Signed in as my real self I see - too lazy to switch).