3 June 2017

Old evidence

My son is currently fossil hunting near Lyme Regis. He cracked open a rock and found this fossil when a curved shell-like portion fell cleanly away. Imprinted evidence of ancient life. I don't know what it is, but it is nice.

Plenty ammonite fossils around too:

Photos courtesy of David Scott


  1. Fascinating.
    Did David change the subject?

  2. Not sure what you mean Sean. "The subject"? David has a degree and PhD in nuclear physics, currently works as a "coder" in Cheltenham, but has a lifelong interest in fossils and, well... pretty much everything else to do with science, politics, history, literature, beer, whisky, wine, women and song. He is his father's son, after all. He was fossil-hunting on holiday in the famous "Jurassic Coast" of England where the ancient sediments contain many fossils.

  3. It's always nice to know that even when not being sure what I mean you would almost always get me perfectly, Andrew.
    Yes, I remembered David working with CERN in Switzerland and Italy, and therefore thought he might be on holiday and indulging in one of his many hobbies, but wasn't sure.