17 June 2017

Her Magnificence deigns to pose

No matter how dependent they may become on you for comfort, sustenance and entertainment, cats still manage to convey the impression that they are doing you a favour by bestowing upon you the great gift of their company and tolerance


Sean Jeating said...

Does Her Magnificence have blue(-grey) eyes?
Does she pose on larch-wood?
Did she get what she made you want to give her?

Elephant's Child said...

Her Magnificence is well named.
Love that she has the tabby M on her forehead.

Andrew said...

Sean: Yes, Teak, Yes (eventually)
EC: Not her real given name but it suits her

Claude said...

Her Magnificence is now being admired on a Facebook page.

I never had a cat who did not own me!

susan said...

Someone once said cats only bring us dead animals because they believe we're too stupid to hunt them ourselves.