25 May 2017

Two time Tay

I increasingly realise that everything I need for pleasure and inspiration is at home, or very close, a thought that was thought while enjoying a Tayside walk today in glorious sunshine and a mere fifteen minute drive from my house.

And in such strong sunshine that I had to turn my cap back and raise my collar, preferring to look even more idiotic than usual than risk sunburn on the back of my virtually melanin-free Scottish neck:

That is my "happy face", by the way, even though it might suggest that I was contemplating throwing myself off the bridge.


Elephant's Child said...

What a beautiful area - and I am glad to have an interpretation of your 'happy face'.

Sean Jeating said...

A real sunshine. :)
Couldn't exactly tell why, but having written the above I suddenly chuckled, and could not stop since.