13 July 2017

The Wash

It will all come out in the wash, they say
in the great, grand wash of Time
with the spin cycle of our good Earth each day
and the soak and the suck of the tide
And every disruptive distraction
will disperse to much less than it seems
as everything currently consuming us
dissolves like yesterday's dreams

12 July 2017

1 July 2017

Looking back at Cambridge

I call the St John's college architecture splendid but somewhat excessive

as is that of King's College

but there is something wonderfully spooky about Trinity Lane

while the university library is somewhat brutalist

The view from the Graduate Centre is very fine

And the garden of Darwin College, my home, was wonderful

While on the outskirts, scientific modernity rises for research and medicine

then I dip down across the Tay to hit Dundee, gently enough

27 June 2017

Big old Darwin and little old me in Darwin College

This part of the college is the house in Cambridge that used to belong to the Darwin family, beginning with one of his sons

The walk to Grantchester

Through Grantchester Meadows, which some may recall as the title of a track by Pink Floyd

And to the Green Man pub, below, where the last time I visited it, 39 years ago, the beautiful actress Susannah York was sitting next to me; although there is not much more to tell of that encounter than what I have just told, and anyway my beautiful, and much younger than Susannah, lady was with me so Susannah was just a sideshow.

Then just as I returned to Cambridge a thunderstorm struck so I had to take refuge from the deluge in another pub... for about two hours... It was only just after lunchtime but I felt I had to sample their offerings to justify taking their shelter. Sigh... They sold me Schiehallion beer, which the young English fellow behind the bar thought I might have pronounced wrongly, until I said, "Listen mate I live within sight of the mountain Schiehallion that the beer is named after, and I have climbed it twice, and the beer is brewed not too far south of my house and..." At which point he asked me to educate him about how to pronounce it properly. Teaching job done.

26 June 2017