9 December 2016


Whenever I am tempted to do something stupid I generally proceed to do it. I have just done so again, today. Not really something very, very stupid, or even very stupid, but still something stupid nonetheless. Then having done something stupid, despite having thought about it being stupid prior to doing it, and despite having told myself that it would be stupid to do it while there was still time to decide not to do it, I tell myself that it was stupid to have gone ahead and done it, and I ponder why I did it. The answer to that conundrum may possibly be that I am stupid. This sequence of events will doubtless happen again, in some stupid form or another. The simplest way to deal with it may be to conclude that it clearly demonstrates that the notion of free will is an illusion, for were I truly free I would clearly not choose to do something stupid in the full and prior knowledge that it would be a stupid thing to do... unless I am stupid. I hope to be more sensible tomorrow, trusting that past events are not necessarily a reliable indication of likely future events in similar situations, even though they generally have been through all the many years of serial stupidity leading up to now.