28 December 2016

A brief moment of ever so slightly angry, caught

I can get angry
And this day I was so damn angry
I was walking in the street shouting
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m so damn angry!”
Until the glare of a woman with a child I had not noticed shut me up
I mean I had not noticed the woman or the child
not just the child
I was so damn angry
At what?
I’ll tell you what…
Oh… let’s skip the softening lies and jump to true
I am angry at you, yes you
and me
At people
oh, and pain
and cold and wind and rain…
At life and death and mud and mess and guts and gore and more… 
At planets, stars - the whole damn lot
of this universe’s messed and muddled ugly plot
unwinding right behind my eyes
beyond the woman, child, the dark grey skies
Happy not…
But settling now?
Or maybe not
We get the world we make
dumped out in a blackened void?
This festering fetid human lot

(I feel better now)