23 October 2016

Hello (but no comment)

From time to time I receive emails asking me why I do not allow comments on this blog, including one recently that said, "A blog without comments is just stoopid" (sic), and another that asked, given the absence of comments, "Why do you bother to blog?"

Short answer: I blog because I want to and because I enjoy doing so, with no further analysis required.

Additional info: I know, because some of them tell me, that there are people out there who enjoy looking at my blog.

Further info: My blog offers online access to details of my silly books, and a slow but steady tick, tick of sales fills me with joy (well, with mild moments of minor satisfaction).

Appendix: I find myself increasingly drawn to withdraw into my own private world - the one inside my head - popping out only occasionally to interact with those around me, partly because when I do directly interact with those around me I generally end up offending someone, and I don't like doing that.

Addendum: My email address is available on the blog for anyone who wants it.