15 September 2016

The rise of the Ome

First there was the "genome", the entire complement of any organism's genetic material; then came the "proteome", the entire complement of proteins encoded by the genome; then "metabolome" arrived - the entire suite of metabolic chemicals in a cell; and now in my real life persona I have had to write about the "secretome", which I had never heard of and briefly thought may be a person's entire complement of secrets, but is actually the entire array of chemicals secreted, ie released, from a cell. The spread of the "ome" must surely break out of science soon... As a beginning, I have just contemplated my lady's outfitome and realised she has a much larger outfitome than me; but my moanome is larger than her one, because I do tend to moan more about the trivial things of life. My worryome is enormous, although I have managed to shrink it a bit from the ridiculous size it had about ten years ago. Now I need to cast aside this nonsense and do some work, otherwise my cashome will begin to wither.