2 August 2016

A man with his mother - a mystery

One day, or more probably one evening, in 1986, I rather casually and surprisingly easily made this man, with the assistance of this lady, his mother, and I find that all rather amazing. I know the biochemistry, the biology, even the physics that was involved, but still, or perhaps even partly because of what I know, I still find it all amazing; and mysterious - all very mysterious, despite the aspects that are understood. Which thought reminds me that I don't actually know what I am, or what anybody is, really - these strange consciousnesses that are somehow created by brains. These minds. What are they? We don't know. But made by chemistry, maybe, somehow; or maybe just facilitated by the chemistry - that much at least seems sure - but with an origin that may be much more mysterious than what mere chemistry can ever show? Who knows? Nobody knows, not even the man I made who is now more clever, and much more sensible, than me, strangely.