21 July 2016

Great Glasgow

A day in Glasgow can be very good, especially in the sunshine and with a fine street musician playing haunting lilts on an electric guitar. The man has clearly lived a bit, at least as long as me while keeping his hair, unlike me, and managing to look just so much more in tune with his world than I could ever manage. He was so good I had to return and add a further donation to my first one.

The city must have been quite something in its mercantile heydey, perhaps in the 1800s, with so many magnificent stone buildings and none of today's plastic and tat; but I certainly approve of the new use as a coffee house that has been found for this magnificent little construction of old stone:

We also found a splendid place to eat:

and I even managed a somewhat epiphanic moment while listening to the sweet guitar notes, wandering along to the old Tron clock, and realising that my priorities really needed to be realigned again as the sunshine warmed my neck and I gradually felt the next move forward crystallise in my thoughts.

All thanks to sunshine, old Glasgow stone and the great grey-haired guitar guy of Argyll Street.