18 July 2016

In Dundee

Dundee has a reputation for being rather dismal but this is undeserved, or at least has become so in recent years, and a day in Dundee can be rather fine. Dundee is a city getting better. The waterfront is magnificent on a sunny day, of which there are many more than the city's rather grey reputation would suggest, and the tide rushes in and out of the wide Firth of Tay at a surprising pace. Sitting by the Caird Hall in the city square I watched seagulls swooping in the sunshine over peaceful humanity speaking in many tongues. I think the couple who politely asked if they could sit next to me may have been Mexican, and while they agreed with me that the pale sunshine through hazy cloud was nice, they nevertheless offered the view that, "sun lotion will not really be required for us in Scotland." I also heard some French people, sadly discussing why the sole decoration on just one of the Caird Hall's many flagpoles today was the French flag at half mast, as far as my limited grasp of their language could comprehend; and I heard some Italian, I think, in addition, of course, to deep Dundonian. Dundonian is a version of English, but not one that all English speakers can readily comprehend, and nor would they wish to, on occasion, given what is sometimes being discussed. I sat, I wandered, and I looked at it all and listened, while having a fine time in sunny Dundee.