26 February 2016

I am not guilty and this is not a secret

Apparently, according to many people, I shouldn't like this place, but I do. Apparently they try to reduce their tax bills, but legally, but apparently that is their fault rather than the fault of the people who make the tax rules that allow such strategies to be legal. I try to minimise my tax bill too, legally. Am I a bad man? Should people not visit me? And apparently, according to many people, I shouldn't come here because "their coffee is crap". But I like their coffee. Maybe I am crap? I am made to feel a lesser person than many people are because I like to drink coffee in Starbucks rather than in a private local coffee shop with small portions, hard seats and, eh... crap coffee. And I like the staff here, all lovely local people who call me Andrew and never ever try to persuade me to buy a muffin, any more, because I have told them often enough that had I wanted a bleedin' muffin I would have asked for one because I am a big boy now... But anyway, putting that minor kerfuffle in the past where it belongs, I like this place. And I try to do what I like, where possible.

And I like the coffee in McDonalds too.