24 February 2016

Good leg, Bad leg

This is my good leg. I have one leg that is not entirely performing as it should do any more, at least for now, with nerve signals going awry somewhere between the intention centre of the brain and the action centres in the leg, due to unwanted intervention low down in the spine, perhaps, leaving one leg somewhat numb, and erratic, and bad. But this here is my good leg, nice leg, and the one I hope remains if I ever need to get one of them lopped off. But bad leg might get better, if I am good to it. I am taking it out to the golf course in a few hours for the first time since October, or rather it is taking me, I hope, to let me teach it to be good again, perhaps, or to feel it crumble beneath me, again, perhaps. Bad leg be good, be good. Bad leg be good like good leg.