28 February 2016

Back to The Clock again

The Clock Cafe in Dalry, Edinburgh, is just my kind of place, and this is the view from my favourite seat, down at the bottom of the glorious metal staircase and looking at the sign that reminds me, "Please mind your head." I need to be reminded of that, often. The food at The Clock is great value and good. The staff are from all over the place (the "place" being the world) and nice. The customers are just a mix of normal people. Everything is unpretentious and calm. I bought lunch and lubrication for three today for the price of a single dish at many not even all that pricey restaurants, and without having to endure the awful fake friendliness and somewhat condescending treatment I find at many restaurants. There are a few small things about The Clock that I could criticise if I had to, but I won't, because I like The Clock; and there are probably a few small things people could legitimately criticise about myself (perhaps). Imperfections can remind us of how close to perfect some things are.