9 November 2015

9 November 2015 (II)

The young girl who had the rather dramatic panic and anxiety attack described on the 3rd of November was back where she should be today, smiling and calm and saying, "I'm much better." Which is what happens, mostly, not too long after we think that things can only get worse. There is generally a calm approaching from the outside of any storm, but we cannot see it when the storm is all around us. We should try to remember that the calm is out there, coming. Unfortunately I didn't help the young girl much this afternoon, by troubling her mind with further difficult issues about the things I am paid to convey; but she was able to shake her head with a smile at the challenges, rather than run away screaming. So that is progress, I hope. And so to tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow... through all the tomorrows, until these troubles are all in her yesterdays, I hope.