6 November 2015

6 November 2015 (II)

I recounted today, in the context of an academic discussion about protein plaques in the brain, the tale of the time my dear dad lay in a hospital bed and informed me that Richard Branson and the Chancellor of the Exchequer had been to see him. Apparently the Chancellor wanted him to sort out the economy while Branson needed the railway network fixed, and my dad said, "I can't take all that on my plate Andrew, lying here like this." Which interested me, because he was clearly aware that he was in a hospital bed but was unaware that only madness could make him think that the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Richard Branson would have visited him to ask for such help. So I rather thoughtlessly asked him, "Why are you here in bed like this dad?" I was just fascinated by the contradictions going on in his mind. And he immediately declared, "Because I have just been taking on too much! And that's what I told them. I can't solve everybody's problems can I?" And today I was talking about a process that may clear away those tangled protein plaques, and wondering if it will become available soon enough to stop me from being visited by politicians and billionaires in seek of help as I lie in a hospital bed. And also wondering what the new process might have done for my dad had it been available for him. And would it have been better to try for the fix or just to let things run their course as a once fine mind disintegrated toward oblivion?