11 November 2015

11 November 2015 (II)

When interactions turn into confrontations is it due to misunderstanding or one person being cussed, stroppy, oversensitive, stupid, whatever? Or both people? Moi aussi? Surely not. But I have been butting metaphorical heads with the one who seems to take any query about almost any aspect of their activities as a challenge or criticism or complaint. On Armistice Day another needless skirmish broke out, but we will be friendly again soon, I suspect. But anyway... The First World War eh? Why did that start? Was it inevitable? Was it all just due to a big misunderstanding or perhaps an accumulation of little misunderstandings? I don't know much, actually I know almost nothing, about it. Why should I? It's over. Everything is over. Absolutely everything that ever happened. Is over. Even that moment there, see? It's gone. Consequences, however, may arrive. Tomorrow.