25 February 2015

Aileen brings me home

She keeps terrifying me as she swoops past the church tower towards my home just out of shot near the trees to the far right, and forgive the slight blurring caused by the space-time distortion that she needs in order to travel, or so I have been told, combined with a bit of nervous shaking of my hands I expect. It always amazes me how this distortion of space and time stops my neighbours from realising what is going on, but apparently we travel in to land much faster than it seems from inside the craft (again, so I have been told, but then I never know what to believe about her).

But we got back safely, and this is the first photo she has allowed me to take. None allowed during the main journey, unfortunately. I'm not sure where I was with her but I certainly have a tale to tell. Time to start writing again. Nobody will believe what happened, I expect, but one day the evidence will become clear and undeniable.


John Gray said...

How cute is that church

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

The stones must have been surrounded by many an event in the more than 800 years since they were set in place (the stones of the tower part, that is, see: http://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/dunning/stserfs/, as the other lower part is more recent.)

susan said...

Oh, you can be very convincing once you start. I'm glad she let you take this picture at least.

Andrew said...


Ah... Even you still think I make it up.

That's what my lady thought until she was abducted, eh... I mean until she accompanied us, on the latest trip. It was interesting having my lady and Aileen both there, although it became rather complicated... I better get back to writing the historical record, even if I do have to keep publishing it as "fiction".