28 December 2014

The best of the worst

The worst ignorance
is to be ignorant of our ignorance
The worst certainty
is the certainty there is no uncertainty
The worst thoughts
are the thoughtless thoughts
The worst words
are the words that hurt
The worst hurts
are the hurts by words
and the worst response
is to despair
The worst days
are the days of failure
but the best days
are when failure triggers
the best response
which is to build
and to repair
and looking back
to say
that the best day
was that worst day
the worst day
the best day
the best day
the best
the best
is there
is here


Elephant's Child said...

Sadly, for what it says about me. It is clear(ish). I think. And my only certainty is just how much I don't know...

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Perhaps you misunderstood what was in my mind, but whatever it says for you it says for you.