2 December 2014

Edrig and Adrig revealed

The fine artist, story-teller and blogger Susan of phantsythat blog has drawn the hapless "superior beings" Edrig and Adrig of my novel Sample 717 and novellas Report on Sample 717 and After the Lady Lord. Her vision of them is magnificent. Thanks very much Susan, for the image and the brief description of their adventures. I recognise them as if they had jumped out from my mind and onto your canvas.

An original artwork by Susan of phantsythat

Here is Susan's description taken from her blog post:

"...Edrid and Adrig, two superior beings who are scientists native to a distant civilization that is ruled by women - known as the Lady Lords. As scientists, these two could probably best be described as anthropologists, and Sample 717 could best be described as planet Earth. Adrig, the elder of the two by several hundred years, has become enamored of our world mostly because Sample 717 has many slim and beautiful women who don't generally order men to do their every bidding - unlike the Lady Lords. The Lady Lords, who are built like Mack trucks, take great pleasure in terrorizing their puny men, even to the point of forcing them to drink a concoction called testosterjuice whenever they're feeling a bit 'broody'. You get the idea. Adrig and Edrig decide to make a trip to Sample 717 in order to enjoy the sights, promising the chief Lady Lord (a brute from the sound of things) they'll return with a virile football player for her entertainment. They attire themselves in the only Earth clothing they have available - some 1970's gear that Adrig had brought back from an earlier sojourn. Their travel pod carries them to Earth where nothing goes quite as they planned..."