28 August 2014

The Subversion of 717 (5)

'You should've waited for me, I was going to buy you a meal,' Adm told Edrig at just after 4 pm the next day, having sat down beside him on a bench beside the circle sculpture.
'I got moved. The parents thought I was showing an unhealthy interest in their children.'

'Oh... Well I suppose you do look the type.'

'Thanks very much.'

'Well but you don't look very good Edrig, in those clothes and sitting on your own, I suppose. You do look a bit odd.'

'Thanks very much. But you seem to have settled in nicely.'


'Though illegally.'

'Ah yes. An illegal immigrant the girls have told me, and from much farther away than they believe.'

'The girls?'

'The girls I live with.'

'Ah... So you really have settled in very well indeed.'

'Oh yes.'

'And the children like you.'

'Ha ha. They love my stories about Biggy Boom Land.'

'You entertain little children with tales of nuclear devastation? Or do you still not know what your Biggy Booms were?'

'Oh, I do know now, sort of. The eh... the library here is fascinating you know, but I don't tell the kids all that. I just make up rubbish. They love it. Adm from Biggy Boom land, the man from somewhere else. They love it.'

'I suppose you are all washed and minimally radioactive now,' Edrig said, more to himself than to Adm.

'I've been reading about that. It's funny how their language here is so similar to my own, but still different. What's that all about Edrig? What's everything all about? What's really going on?'

'I don't know.'

And time passed... Days... Weeks...

They became firm friends, Edrig and Adm, often meeting up for beer and food, always purchased with the money Adm was making as the man from somewhere else in addition to the buying and selling of stuff that Adm seemed reluctant to discuss.


Until the day arrived, in the early evening of the 10th of May on Sample 717, when they were sitting on their favourite bench beside the circle sculpture on the High Street when Edrig heard a very familiar voice behind him....

'So! We have found you!'

Edrig and Adm swivelled round, and both gasped together at the sight of two beings who surely should not really be there, especially the rather tall and skinny male one.

'Adrig!' Edrig cried, for it did appear to be his old friend Adrig. 'But you are...'

'Eva!' Adm cried, for yes, it was Eva.

'Yuh, Eva...' Eva said, as she stood there, somehow dressed in what looked very like Sample 717 clothes. A pair of dark trousers, a white blouse, a well-styled leather jacket.

In the meantime Edrig's mouth was agape, incapable of making any sound.

It was Adm who eventually managed to return to the most pertinent issue.

'You are meant to be dead Adrig, what has happened? Edrig said you were dead.'

'Yes,' Edrig managed to say... 'Dead!'


Elephant's Child said...

A twist I hadn't expected. Foolish of me.
More please, because I am certain that the twists and turns are nowhere near complete.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

And I expect you are correct ;)

Hold on tight

Claude said...

In suspense, here!

Sean Jeating said...

Interesting date, 10th of May. Obviously. :)