30 August 2014

The Subversion of 717 (2)

Edrig looked at Adm and Adm looked at Edrig.
Adm's lady companion looked bored.

'You are looking remarkably fine,' Edrig said. 'What has happened to you? You look prosperous. What have you been doing?'

'I got a job my friend. I am very good at it, and I eh... well I buy and sell eh... things... and I'm very good at that too.  But listen to me. I have learnt the language. No?'

'You have learnt it very well. How did you get a job?'

'I just asked. And one of my lady friends knew the boss.'

'One of your lady friends?'

At this point Adm's lady friend laughed. A big loud laugh, and then she announced, 'Oh, he has many lady friends!'

'Oh,' said Edrig, rather glumly, and then he added, 'Many slightly radioactive lady friends then.'

'What?' asked the young beauty with the long dark hair.

'Oh, nothing. Just a joke. Never mind.'

And Adm was frowning.

'So what about you Edrig?' Adm asked. 'You look rather, eh… rather shabby, and lonely.'

'Me? I think the term they use for me is a down and out.'

'Ah yes,' said Adm. 'Down here, on this strange planet, and out of your home environment.'

'You're talking silly again,' the lady friend declared.

'Edrig is from another planet too,' Adm told her.

'Oh yeah… just like you, ha ha.'

'Yes my dear, just like me. Actually it was Edrig who brought me here. In his eh… pod… Along with some Lady Lords, but he is from a very different place than my place. A better planet. Edrig's a boss man really. Sort of.'

'Oh stop it,' the young lady declared, 'and what's his real name anyway? Edrig… What sort of a name is that?'

Edrig sighed, and said to Adm, 'So you just tell them the truth too eh? But they don't listen do they? Or at least they just listen and laugh.'

'Indeed my friend, indeed. But we should talk, but I have a meeting to go to right now.'

'A meeting?'

'Yes, a meeting. But at five o'clock, by the circle sculpture in the High Street. Could you meet me?'

'Okay. I haven't got anything else to do. And you are speaking the language very well. Very well indeed.'

'Yeah, yeah, yeah…' said the girl, sarcastically, before adding, 'But you have a very squeaky high voice eh… Edrig was it? Are you gay?'

'No. he is not gay, but he is from another planet' Adm said firmly, prompting the girl to roll her eyes. Then turning back to Edrig Adm said, 'Okay, five o'clock, by the circle sculpture. I'll see you then.'

And then he was off, walking away confidently, striding along like a man who was very much in charge of events and who knew exactly where he was going. Edrig watched him go, while also admiring the rear view of the slim beauty that was wiggling along beside Adm, and then after the two of them had turned a corner Edrig began looking at the pretty coloured flowers again, and thinking.


Elephant's Child said...

I am still finding this sad. Engrossing but sad.
Which is probably a reflection of where my head is at the moment.
And yes, more please.
I can (and will) out Oliver, Oliver to read more of this.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

There is a darkness emerging, I agree, but it will be a mixture, like life - a rich dark mixture with many flashes of light, I hope. I may have to change my description of these silly works in the sidebar from "comedic" to "tragi-comic". Life is tragi-comic, yes?

Ah well. It is morning. Better get up and on with it for another strange day.