16 August 2014

The Subversion of 717 (13)

The next day, with decisions having had to be made quickly, Adrig, Edrig and Macrig were sitting in a large transportation pod with the hatch closed and the mechanism humming.
'I really am not sure about this, not sure at all,' said Macrig.

'You want to back out?' asked Adrig. 'You are as timid and unadventurous as Weerig?'

'No… No… Not really, but I am just not sure about it, that's all.'

'I am not sure of anything,' said Edrig. 'Never have been and never will be, and nobody ever can be.'

'Oh… quite the philosopher are we now lad?' offered Adrig rather sneeringly.

'Never can be sure about anything,' Edrig continued, 'But I am fairly sure that if I can be sure of anything I am sure that I do not want to spend the rest of my days under the harsh domination of the Lady Lords, now that I have seen what else is possible.'

'On 717?'

'Yes Macrig, on 717.'

'Where they have lovely ladies?'

'Yes. Lovely ladies, Adrig agreed. 'Slim. Quiet. Kind. Gentle. Beautiful… Mostly.'

'Lovely,' Edrig confirmed.

'Well then,' said Macrig, 'Let's go.' And he pushed a button, prompting the pod to hum more loudly, and begin to spin.

'They live such a short time down there, you say? ' Macrig began, 'Or along there, or in there, depending on how you want to think about it. How do they manage with such short lives?'

'Hmm,' said Adrig thoughtfully. 'Many of them do believe in immortality myths and they live their entire short lives seeking the non-existent prize of eternal life for infinity, but the thing about infinity is that it goes on and on for an awfully long time.'

'Well yes, of course,' agreed Macrig.

'And at the end of it, well, you just find the beginning of it, and it just keeps on going all over again, forever, and then at the end of forever on it goes forever all over again.'

'Yes, I do think I understand the concept of infinity.'

'Do you though Macrig? You'd be the only one if you did. Imagine it. Living forever and forever and forever. And then more forever, forever… Personally it makes me feel quite sick just thinking about it. Oh… In fact I feel a bit giddy now.'


'People who yearn for immortality really haven't thought about it sufficiently, I'd suggest. No conceivable fate sounds worse to me than having to live on for infinity. For forever, without end. It's a horrendous thought.'

'I suppose…'

'Death is your friend, my friend. Sweet simple death is the greatest prize that this strange existence has to offer us.'

'Well, perhaps, eventually…'

'Ah yes, eventually. That's the thing, eh? Not too soon eh?'

'And many times can seem too soon.'

'That's true'

'Who is getting all philosophical now?' began Edrig, who had been sitting quietly pondering the future that was about to unfold.

And then the pod spun more, and more, and yet more, until all consciousness within the three heads within the spinning pod was somehow mysteriously gone.

And then six months passed...

On Earth as in the Heavens...

And so… six months later…

Adrig sat behind the wheel of his fine Mercedes sports car and pushed the button that caused the roof to fold back and away, allowing fresh air of the land known to its inhabitants as Planet Earth to whoosh around his clean-shaven head and shiny moisturised and expensively scented face while the light of the other-wordly sun struck him and began to warm him, even despite the speed of his travel. His fine linen suit lapels fluttered in the breeze. It was a beautiful hot and sunny day and Adrig was feeling very content as he turned to Macrig, who was sitting beside him.

'This is such a wonderful place.'

'It's certainly a very nice planet,' Macrig agreed.

'It's a lot better than home,' added Edrig, who was sitting in the back of the car and shouting somewhat to make himself heard.'

'But they are so limited,' Macrig continued, 'And yet in a way they are so close to great leaps forward.'

And he was looking out at the trees rushing past him, relatively speaking, and beyond to the distant hills, before continuing to speak his thoughts out aloud.

'They know all about electricity, magnetism and light, but they just have no idea that rotating these three together at just the right frequencies and at just the right orientations can negate gravity and allow rapid transit through space and its many dimensions.'

'Of course,' shouted Edrig.

'Oh. You knew these things Edrig?'

'Of course I didn't Macrig. I was being sarcastic. I am a historian not an engineer.'

'Oh. Well it's all very simple really.'

'History? You think history is simple?'

'No Edrig. The counter-rotation of electricity, magnetism and light in order to cancel out gravity and transit rapidly through space-time… in all its dimensions… is all very simple really.'

'Oh. I'll take your word for it. but anyway, I was being sarcastic. But history is very complicated. Far too complicated for you, I expect.'

'Oh undoubtedly.'


'No Edrig. Not really. I was being sarcastic.'

'I knew that Macrig. I too was being sarcastic again, or do I mean I also?'

Macrig sighed, and frowned while Adrig looked briefly across at him and addressed him very earnestly.

'Well, dear Macrig, it is their limitations that are allowing us to do so well, eh? And with your knowledge, and their limitations, but with the use of their materials, well… we are just about ready to put the next phase of our fine plan into action, aren't we?'

'Indeed we are dear Adrig. Indeed we are, and even Edrig has had to concede that it may be a fine plan.'

And with Adrig pushing his foot down on the accelerator, the car sped them towards the place where the future would begin.

But that was then and this is now, and you are probably not ready to hear about the subversion of all that was actually meant to happen on Sample 717, when it was created. Probably not ready to hear about it yet, because you are still living it.



John Gray said...

Have I just visited a parallel universe?

Elephant's Child said...

The prospect of infinite life gives me the horrors too. I suspect that there is more than a little Edrig in me, but on this occasion I wholeheartedly agree with Adrig. While wondering how long his plans are going to continue to give him/them the good life.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

And Sue, you may not find out until the sales of the first two books in this particular series hit a certain level that has been set, so if you want to find out maybe you need to spread the word :)

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Eh.... You are not just visiting it John, you are living in it.

susan said...

I've just finished reading the chapters I'd missed (you have been busy, haven't you?). It's excellent, surprising, and enjoyably sardonic - much like its author.

Claude said...


Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Thanks Earthy peeps

Sean Jeating said...

Oh . . .

. . . good.