12 August 2014

Confused sky at the gloaming time


Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

My long-serving phone whose camera took all my previous pictures has had an electrical nervous breakdown and been retired, even though its camera still works, so my son fetched out a nice little digital camera he doesn't use and gave it to me, and judging from this photo it seems okay. So I have moved up in the world from 5 megapixels to 16 megapixels, all free of charge, which is the way I like things. Onwards.

Claude said...

I know nothing about cameras. But this is a detailed, beautiful photo of a disturbing sky.

Thanks to your son for his generosity.

My profile is introducing the Prévost sisters, as seen in 1998.
Claire, Claude, (and standing) Marielle. Nothing much has changed since that year. Maybe they're a little bit slower and (if possible) a little bit smarter. It runs in the family!

Elephant's Child said...

Isn't gloaming a wonderful word? And love that sky. Which is certainly no more confused than I am.

CherryPie said...

Enjoy the new world of your digital camera :-)

Your first adventure had produced a wonderful photo!

susan said...

It is a great photograph. Best of all the skyscapes are free too.

Sean Jeating said...

Grand gloaming, megapixelated.
Enjoy the new toy.