9 July 2014

To Mallaig and the Isle of Skye

Through Glencoe again

Him again?

Leaving Mallaig

Waiting to catch a boat back

The Isle of Rhum beyond a headland of Skye

I almost look cheerful

Heavy cloud cover but little wind and pleasantly warm with hazy sunshine breaking through


Elephant's Child said...

How very lush and beautiful. And I admire your fortitude in not looking ecstatically happy. Controlling the grin is sometimes v difficult.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Ha... (that's half of a "Ha Ha" as I am still keeping myself under control)

Claude said...

Well, I don't! I'm clapping hands and smiling widely. Such a nice place, bird and all!

susan said...

They are all very nice (including that one of you), but my favorite by far is that one of the Glencoe landscape.

CherryPie said...

Him again?

I am certain it is he!