28 July 2014

Pythagoras wake

In mathematics
see everything
the waves in bits
and bits in waves
Each temporary foaming too
a metaphor of me and you


Sean Jeating said...

I wish you had not let your words vanish.

Alas, all that remains to write is: Thalatta!

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Vanish Sean?

Has the sunshine sparkling off the foam deceived your eyes?

Or did the foam submerge the words for a moment and then reveal again?

Sean Jeating said...

Ha ha ha, wizard at work. Or was it the man wearing the Helmet of Perthino.
Anyway, I am delighted again to see 'a metaphor of me and you' – and it's not a maze.
Or . . .
Probably time to close my eyes. :)

The peace of the night, my friend.

The Don said...

'Tis perhaps though a very noble metaphor of a foaming maze, No? There are some who do say that tilting at windmills was a metaphor too, ha! Dear Andrew could come up with many a metaphor for a metaphor too, I don't doubt.

susan said...

We sat for a while earlier today watching some good sized rollers break across the shoals. I know it's harmonics, prevailing currents, and the math of distance between waves as well as the depth of the water, but my favorite thing is to watch the flocks of ducks bob up and down just beyond harm's reach.