30 June 2014

Not the Colosseum

Archaeologists are excavating part of our Roman earthworks

The Italian visitors may have had bigger plans but the locals soon chased them away. 

The Flower of Scotland

Does our Scottish national flower represent the Scottish character - spreading out wildly as a prickly weed, clinging on stubbornly wherever it can, proving an annoyance to many but offering a rough reward in some ways, to those who are prepared to try to like it?

Not quite back to normal...

14 June 2014

Duncrub walk

Beneath my Elder tree


A word about words

One hundred and one thousand four hundred and ninety six words, apparently. Hmm... 101,496... Time to go back to the beginning and edit now, and write a few especially silly sections and a few firm fleshy bits, and then spend summer (although possibly also next summer) maybe trying to make them better and ready to please before I expire. I am lucky to have had a dozen or so solo-authored books published (I say "or so" because it rather depends on what you call "a book") most by several proper publishers and a few by myself, but the longest of these was about 63,000 words... so one hundred and one thousand four hundred and ninety six words (101,496) seems a lot now that I stand back and look. I'm rather pleased with myself (well somebody needs to be) but now the real work begins, and in the meantime, yes, I'll get back to going walks and ferry trips and taking pictures... There is a long road ahead, possibly, with lots of stones to shape and shift and add to and sometimes to look at in dismay and sigh or even curse and cry a little, but I am trying to look forward to it... It is currently a very rough road but...

...the road is the reason (for living)