12 May 2014


'Nutters... How do you deal with them?' the man said with a sigh.

'That's not really an acceptable term for the mentally ill.'

'I don't mean the mentally ill, I mean nutters, and you know exactly what I mean.'

'Ah yes... Sometimes I engage with them, sometimes I ignore them, either way it makes no difference and they will always be with us.'

'Does that matter?'

'Only when they get influence.'

'Ah yes... So it matters... It matters very much.'


'And how do you identify them?'

'By the fact that they are nuts.'


'Oh, and they believe in things they cannot know to be true, or not true... I don't mean suspect, or ponder, I mean believe. And evidence... they don't much like evidence, although they claim they do, being nuts.'


'Do people think that you are a nutter?'

'I believe so. But then they are nuts. And so are you. It drives me nuts, just listening to nuts, as I do, and as I have to. Do you do too?

1 comment:

Claude said...

I seldom meet sane people, in life or on blogs. So yes, I listen to nutters. I feel a bit sorry for them. They have no clue about their condition. But I'm so lucky because I know what I know what I know. Bye for now.