13 May 2014

Georgia's first wobbly tooth

Georgia has got her first wobbly tooth.

She came running into my garden to let me know, and the news was clearly and simply announced with, 'Andrew! I've got my first wobbly tooth!'

'Oh,' I said, 'That's big news. Should I let everybody know?'

'Of course!'

So here I am letting everybody know.

But then things got more complicated when I told her that I thought I might be getting some wobbly teeth too, fairly soon.

'Don't be silly,' she scoffed, 'You're too old!'

'Ah,' I continued, wisely, 'but old people start to get like young people again Georgia. Didn't you know?'

She gave me one of her looks. One of those looks that very young people use to dismiss the ramblings of fools. Then she applied her fast-developing powers of logic and I suspect a little bit of sarcasm and said, 'So will you be going back to school one day? And will you get very wee again?'

'I will get a bit smaller, but I probably won't go back to school.'

Another moment's thought and then...

'You'll have to go to school if you're told to,' she said sternly, and then she departed.

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