28 May 2014

Beneath The Tunnel (1)

The first time, I thought I might have been wakening in a relative’s home, and then on not recognising anything and seeing only what looked like dark and polished stone I began to wonder if it was a dream, or if I was dead and with some god or other, but my initial verdict was that I was in a dream.

‘You’re a fine little lad,’ the man in the white garment with the shiny bald head and the sparkling blue eyes said as he sat looking at me. At least I think he was... is... a man. He certainly looks that way.

‘Who are you?’ I asked, remarkably untroubled, as I recall. And I do recall, even though I was just a little lad.

‘I am me,’ he said with a smile, ‘Just as you are.’

‘I am you?’ I queried, hesitantly.

‘No, you are you,’ he corrected, ‘But… Listen... Say what I say, exactly…’

And he proceeded to say, ‘I am me.’

So, thinking I was grasping a game, I slowly said, ‘I am me.’

‘You see!’ he declared triumphantly. ‘We both are me!’

I think I frowned.

‘Don’t worry,’ he said reassuringly. ‘We have plenty of time.'

And I looked up, and saw a long dark tunnel in the roof of the place where I was, and at the top of the tunnel there was a distant circle of light.

'You came down there,' he said, noticing where I was looking. 'And you'll go up again, don't worry. But you'll be back.'

I have never told anybody. They wouldn't believe me. They still won't. Why should they?

But what is real about each reality, is a problem I have long pondered, while coming to realise that most people think that there is only one reality, even though they often believe in the most remarkably unlikely and unreal things. Most people other than those who have also been beneath the tunnels, that is.

Most people will not have any idea of what I am talking about, of course, if I talk like this.

Except those who have been there. And of course the man in his bright white garment. He knows.

Yes... In his bright white garment, behind which I could see other dark tunnels leading out from the centre chamber that I was in. Exploring them, I thought, might be interesting.


Elephant's Child said...

And sometimes the thought of all those realities is exciting, and on other days it is terrifying. Which makes no difference at all.

Claude said...

Most people settle quite well in their given (maybe boring) reality. A few are managing to change it by their own determined actions. Some just keep complaining that they got a bad lot in life. Two or three returned to the tunnel, again and again, hoping it was all a big mistake, and the ring leader might finally put them in the right world with the right type of beings.

I've searched a long time for a satisfying reality. And, one day, I was personally granted a very special one.I don't speak much about it because a few of us, either out of jealousy or skepticism, tell me I'm not rational. But I'm happy where I am, and I'm there to stay.

Good luck to all of you.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Claude: Fortunately happiness is real, however or wherever it is found.

Claude said...

Andrew: I should have said: contented!

I don't truly believe in happiness.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Well then Claude... Contentedness is real, however or wherever it is found. Actually, any feeling is real if we genuinely feel that we have it. The rest of everything is more open to question, I feel.