14 May 2014

A place to ponder

As discussed elsewhere recently, I rather think that when we think we are taking a decision all that we are really doing is giving the unthinking chemistry in our brain the time to settle into a pattern of neuronal activity that makes us feel clear about what we 'want' to do, even though the idea that we have freely decided what we want may be delusional, whatever 'we' are, ... but whatever... I did find a nice place to do it today,

and I hope the chemistry in my head made a good decision for me this time because I am getting a bit fed up with it messing everything up for me. I'll give it a stern talking to.


  1. It's when we have a secure job, a loving family,in a nice, permanent home,that we can sit comfortably, at break time and, while sipping a good coffee, indulge in the luxury of pondering all those worrying thoughts about who we are (if we really are), and where we're being led (if we think we're not in charge.)

    Most deep philosophers never had to sleep on the street, beg for a bite to eat, and hope not to be kicked out of the restaurant bathroom they are illegitimately using.

    That's my frequent observation when I read the interesting "Who am I?" essays in the Jean Paul Sartre category.


  2. Absolutely right Claude, but the validity of questioning and pondering remains, especially the questioning.

  3. "The unexamined life is not worth living." Socrates

  4. Too much thinking leads to confusion...