9 April 2014

On the way home



Loch Lomond


Elephant's Child said...

And what a beautiful route you took. Thank you.

CalumCarr said...

Did you pop in to that lovely place on the right in your Oban pic? Only time I've been in the manager was someone I played football with 30 years before. Oh, wasn't in for me but was in to pick up my retiree's allowance of alcoholic beverages. For others, of course.

CherryPie said...

I agree with EC, it is a lovely route.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

I did pop into the distillery Calum, but did not imbibe. I was looking for a gift for my son, but decided to buy him some Oban and Mull beer instead.

Sue & Cherie: We are lucky to live in a place where the journeys to and from most other places are themselves rather nice.

Claude said...

And it's also very nice that you allow us to follow and enjoy the go to and return from. Thanks!