29 April 2014

More of the same...

I may be overdoing the flowery tree time this year. Could that be possible?

White cat tree time

We planted this cherry tree on the remains of our pure white cat when she died some years ago. The white beauty lives on.

The birds generally get to most of the cherries before us, which may be regarded as their revenge for some of the damage the dear cat did to their ancestors.

24 April 2014

Beyond the enticing dark bits

"I would like to see what is beyond the enticing dark bits," said Cherie the CherryPie, and wherever possible the world should provide what Cherie would like, and so...

If she finds that enticing she should head for Luss Pier on Loch Loch Lomond at dusk.

Those people on the pier were doing an extensive photoshoot with an absolutely gorgeous lady model, or perhaps she was an actress, and so of course I just had to make my way onto the pier and past them to, eh... enjoy the view. She smiled at me, the gorgeous lady, and in the dazzling heat of that smile I nearly melted and slipped away into the Loch.

All very "enticing" indeed.

My own gorgeous lady did not venture onto the pier for she felt it would be rude to intrude. No such reluctance from me to exercise my "right to roam" and to enjoy looking at whatever I want to look at. Anyway, I am sure the lady on the pier was thinking, "Oh my goodness! It's Andrew MacLaren-Scott!" I do think she swooned and faltered, just a little, and let out a barely audible wistful sigh.

19 April 2014

Looking to Stirling sky

Homes far from home (for whom?)

"The first Earth-sized exoplanet orbiting within the habitable zone of another star has been confirmed by observations with both the W. M. Keck Observatory and the Gemini Observatory. It confirms that Earth-sized planets do exist in the habitable zone of other stars."

18 April 2014

My Lady Lords

A mother and her daughter, whom it is best to obey, mostly,

and then there is little Aileen, to be obeyed at all times:

especially when she says, "Don't dare show all of my face and make sure I am not in full focus."

16 April 2014

Same old same new

... at the bottom of the garden that is temporarily mine, beside a stream that Roman soldiers briefly used, many hundreds of years ago, before the angry locals drove them south. They left in such a rush they dropped some coins too.