18 March 2014

15 March 2014

Gloamy again

Anyone who thinks I may be obsessed with this time of day should try the Scotland in The Gloaming website, with more than six years of wonderful photos to enjoy.

3 March 2014

Morning and dusk

Time to take a photo as I left my garden in the morning

And time to take two as I returned in the early evening

1 March 2014

The First of March, again

This one was in 2010, but it's back again now, the same as ever but very different. I will get out of bed now and take a look at what Spring has sprung for me this time.

Later... The day brought nothing as fine as the view above, but looking up from a newspaper and out of a coffee shop window is generally a pleasant way to spend some time:

Let Spring spring on and offer me more...